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Jasmine is a painter who discovers the unique spirit of her subject through energetic, exploratory drawing and gained her passion for personalities while drawing characters on the London Underground. Her love of narrative and movement has led her to find great inspiration from fellow expressive painter, Caravaggio, and in the culturally imaginative paintings of Chagall.

Jasmine was delighted to be short-listed for the Cork Street Open painting competition and to be selected for the AOI's (Association of Illustrators) annual publication featuring the best of British illustration. She has successfully exhibited at Windsor and Reading Art Fairs and The Contemporary Art & Design Fair in Islington, London.

A discussion with a Shaman from the Arctic where they have a perception of four genders inspired a fascination with cultural assumptions and expectations which she continues to explore through painting and her English/Persian heritage has resulted in a lifelong interest in and desire to celebrate multi-culturalism which coupled with an eternal love of nature can often be glimpsed in her selection of subjects and the empathy with which she paints them.

Jasmine takes great pleasure in painting portraits to commission alongside her gallery paintings and is currently being commissioned to paint portraits of sitters and their pets.




what others say

'Jasmine's paintings have real warmth.' 'There is such a sense of movement.' 'The paintings have a beautiful use of colour.' 'They have a strong sense of fun.' 'They possess strong draftsmanship.' 'There's a real love for her subjects.'

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